It’s easy to double your net income when you think linearly…

You simply DOUBLE:

  • Your Employee Base
  • The amount of capital equipment the company owns
  • The company expenses and overhead
  • The square footage of your business or manufacturing facility
  • The number of hours you work

And viola, within 5-10%, you’ve doubled your business… AND DOUBLED YOUR HEADACHES!

MOST business owners don’t desire to work this hard, even though it would mean double the income to their lifestyle and their family.

There are other ways to do this – by thinking outside of the proverbial box! These include:

  • New distribution channels
  • New customers
  • New Products
  • New Markets
  • International expansion

You may argue these suggestions


take you back into the thinking linearly scenario. But the truth is, this is, once again, YOUR insight based on the limited exposure you have had to business growth.

Ted Leithart and the Leithart Group has spent over 20 years learning and implementing dozens of strategies that massively increases your company’s income – and more importantly – these strategies will increase your net margin as they are implemented.

These strategies never take the place of what you are already selling.

In short, we find much more lucrative ways for your business to make money without changing your current business model. If you will, we SUPERCHARGE YOUR COMPANY’S INCOME.

When you do this to your business, it no longer is a burden to double your net income.

It becomes a very easy and profitable way to generate more income so you can:

  • Build the house of your dreams
  • Take a second honeymoon
  • Go on that dream family vacation
  • Purchase a new automobile (or anything else you have been putting off)
  • Save for your children’s education

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